Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Hook Fishing Report Week 2

Fisherman had to battle some rough weather last week. Last Sunday brought in a "north easter" weather system with wind and rain. Those who braved the weather for two days did manage to boat plenty of fish. Remember fish don't care if they get wet.
Tuesday morning brought plenty of sunshine for the rest of the week and the water temperatures skyrocketed. Weed growth on most of the lakes is minimal. Fish are still holding in the current or mud flats.
Majority of the fish caught at the outposts last week were in 8 ft or shallower. As usual, jigs were the effective bait for walleye. The johnson silver minnow and Mepps Musky Killer were top baits for trophy pike.
Burnt Lake
I guided at Burnt for three days last week and found some success for both species. The Magna party boated a 40" fish the first night in the narrows NE from the camp. The "bottleneck" as we called the spot was holding thousands of walleye. No kidding, thousands of walleye's would be an understatement. When in doubt, anyone could drop a jig and find a walleye on the end of their line in seconds. Pike were holding on the sides of the "bottleneck" prowling for their next meal. Perch were holding in the shallow mud flats. Small jigs with white twisters, Mepps 0 agila, and beetle spins were great baits. Walleye 14-20" were everywhere in 8 ft of water or shallower.
Cocos Lake
Cocos rapids were unstoppable. Fish were holding all around the current. Many of the bays close to the cabin were hot spots for pike. The key was finding the sun soaked bays. Water for Cocos is still extremely low, approximately 2 ft below normal. Careful shooting the rapids, new boulders are hittable.
West Lake
The narrows to the south of the camp was the spot of the week. The Grady party boated and released many fish from 35" up to 42.5". According to the guests, walleye were holding everywhere and striking just about ever bait. Many of the guys tried every bait in their tackle box and found success. The "fish bowl" is usually the more active end of the lake during the early months of the summer.
Central Lake
The Newburn party boated and released a 41.5" fish on the second cast of the trip. Many fish were holding on the wind blown shoreline, an east wind for the last three days has stacked the fish on the west shorelines. Water temperatures are on the rise with some shallow area's reaching into the mid 60's. .

Good luck on the water everyone. Remember to throw the big one's back.
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