Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Hook Week 3

Today is a beautiful day here at Big Hook Camps in the Opasquia Provincial Park. Temperatures are hanging around 72 degree's and the sun is shining. This past Saturday brought us plenty of rain to raise the water levels. Finally, water is on the rise at most lakes. Hopefully we have seen the lowest levels of the summer.
Water temperatures should spike drastically with the sunshine we are supposed to receive this week. Yesterday I was marking 58 degree's consistently throughout Central. Walleye were biting light due to the nasty weather pattern. We switched from jigs to crankbaits and the fish were striking much more aggressively. Pike are still holding shallow along with most of the walleye. It seemed any rocky point or mud flat that was 7 ft held fish. The Newburn party last week boated numerous pike between 36-40", mostly on the north end of the lake. The Bunting party found much success for 20-25" walleye within 1/2 mile of camp. Jigging is still the most effective way to boat walleye. Yellow tails and a 1/4 oz or 3/8 oz head were most popular.
Burnt Lake
The boys at Burnt exclaimed they boated over 3000 walleye last week! Fishing was great, walleye and pike are still holding in the "bottleneck" to the NE of camp. Any point was holding fish and the perch are hanging in the shallower weedy areas. Weeds are now becoming visible in shallower areas. The weed beds should spring to life with this weeks sunshine.
West Lake
The falls towards the SE end of the lake held several big pike. The guests were often surprised when a huge pike would T bone a small walleye on the end of their lines. The narrows towards the "fish bowl" still are holding plenty of pike too. The north end of the lake is still slower due to the cool temperatures but that should change quickly. Johnson silver minnows were effective in the shallow weedy bays. Walleye are holding shallow 8 ft or less.
Cocos Lake
The rapids continues to impress guests week after week. Thousands and thousands of walleye continue to hold in the current and should remain there the majority of the season. Several of the rock piles south of the current will hold big prowling pike. Be careful running the rapids with the low water, new rocks are hittable! Weeds are growing quick and pike are finding their way to the weed beds.
Guests claimed they the best fishing spot was within eyesight of the dock on the Lemonade side. Fishing in about 8 ft of water, each guest claimed they boated a 100 fish just drifting and jigging within 400 yds from the dock. Favourable produced some great pike action in Pike Alley. The big fish are also holding in the creek mouths chasing suckers and perch. Water on Favourable is about a foot low so keep your eyes open for new reefs. Walleye are hanging around points and around Pike Alley. One of my favorite spots this time of year is Pike Alley for both species.
South Lake
Nice walleyes were being caught in the narrows SE of camp. Pike were in the weed beds around the area also. The rapids on the north end of the lake were holding tons of walleye. Walleye seemed to be favoring flouro orange colors. Guests boated an impressive 38" pike on 6 pd test line and a jig. It never fails to catch big pike while walleye fishing.

Hope all is well with everyone. Good luck in your fishing endeavors! Remember to throw the big ones back.
Big Hook Camps

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