Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Hook Fishing Report Week 4

Two days of solid rain sent the water levels sky rocketing last week. Water levels are now above normal. The rising water has stunted weed growth over the past week. Hopefully, the weeds will catch up to the rising levels with the ample amounts of sun we have been receiving. Overall, the weather has been warm with scattered thunder showers in the afternoon. Water surface temperatures are starting to flirt with 70 degree's. May flies have been spotted on several lakes over the past couple of days. The main hatch still is looming.
A key tactic to combat the may flies is to try scaling down on tackle size. Just switching to 1/4 oz jigs from 3/8 oz can yield great results. Smaller crank baits like baby fat raps and small husky jerks are great for trolling. My favorite colors are blue and silver.
Central Lake
The Walker and Buck party boated tons and tons of 20+" walleye. Lots were caught trolling crankbaits
in about 8-12ft of water. Pike were active on cloudy days, smashing bucktails on the mud flats.
Dave from the Cook party hit the grand slam of fishing boated and releasing one of every species
(walleye, pike, whitefish, sucker and perch) in one afternoon. All rapids are gushing with the high water. Fish are
holding tight to the current. The West and South portages have been amazing according to several
guests. Yesterday, we boated and released 12 walleye between 23-26" in one hour while trolling
over a twelve foot mud flat.
South Lake
Over 40 walleye between 25-30" were boated and released last week. Several pike over 38" were released also. The hot spot was just south of the camp in the narrows. Another hot spot was above the falls on the north end of the lake. Like most other lakes fish were holding in 8-12 ft of water. Weed growth has been minimal.
West Lake
The north end of the lake was surprisingly effective for big walleye. Trolling and jigging in 8 ft of water in the east bays on the north end produced many walleye pushing 25+". The north end of west is usually a slow starter due to the deeper cool water. The fish bowl produced several monster pike. The camp ground hogs kept the Sellner party company.
Cocos Lake
As usual the rapids churned out thousands of walleye. Jigs with flouro orange gulp hammered many larger female walleye. Johnson silver minnows tipped with white twister tails brought in nice pike. A number of larger pike were caught on the north end creeks near duckling island. The water is flowing heavily through the rapids and is getting border line accessible. Please use your best judgement running the rapids.
Burnt Lake
All three species are slamming at Burnt Lake. Fish are beginning to move from the narrows to the main bodies of water. Jigging or trolling any point was effective. Weed beds were holding all pike, perch and walleye. Smaller tackle for perch yields numerous fish. The Koehler party reported many 25-28" walleye along with pike topping 38".
South West
"Thousands of fish!" raved the Smith party last week. When I asked "where did you catch them?"
"Everywhere!" was their response. The popular lure was a 1/4 oz jig with a yellow twister for walleye. Just about anything was effective for pike according to guests. Many spots within eyesight from camp boated the most fish.

(Pictured above: Dave with a nice 25.5" walleye that was promptly released on Central Lake 6-21)
Please remember Big Hook has a no trophy take out policy, which means NO walleye over 18" and NO pike over 27.5" can be kept.
Good luck on the water everyone.
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