Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fishing goes Boom!

Waiting for the post spawn lag to end is like holding a fire cracker.  The fuse creeps along and you wait for the BANG! When it happens an adrenaline rush occurs, very similar to the fishing bite after the post spawn.  All lakes reported a flurry of action last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  New guests arriving Saturday were grinning ear to ear starting their fishing week with impressive results.

The walleye are moving into the currents and shallow mud flats.  The pike are following the schools of walleye, whitefish and suckers, picking off the stragglers.  Both trolling and casting have been effective.  Fish are really enjoying the past couple of days of sunshine, frolicking in the warm shallow waters.  Water temperatures have shot into the 60's on the surface with the pleasant weather the past few days.  Weed growth is finally beginning in most bays.  Unfortunately, some black flies have been spotted so bring some bug spray.

Burnt: The narrows flowing into the north end of Burnt was the dominate spot.  Several points just southeast of camp have been productive for walleye.  Moose Creek just to the west of camp was incredibly productive today according to guests.  Many 36+" pike were reported last week, topping out at 39".  I'll be if they pinched the tail on that fish it would have been 40."

Cocos:  As in every report you will see this summer, the rapids is the hot spot.  However, several large fish have been boated in bays adjacent to camp and bays on the western shoreline from the rapids.  Water levels are subsiding from last week allowing smoother transitions up the rapids.

The Newburn party boasted they collectively boated and released the most 30+" pike this year in their 20 years of vacationing at Big Hook.  Hot spots were the East and South rapids.  Several fish surpassing 40" were boated on Manns Hardnose Shads. "No Fish Bay" produced another large pike, a dandy 42.5 incher.  Someday I may have to change the name of that spot.

Southwest: The Fish Factory kept churning out the 16-20 inch walleye.  The east arm put up impressive numbers of quality pike.  Small jigs with yellow twisters were favorites among the walleye. Thanks to the Allen party for the great smoked walleye!

South: Large walleye are being boated in the narrows just south of the cabin.  Pike are looming all around the area.  I was told the walleye bite will be hot and heavy and suddenly stop.  Guests would have their line bit or boat a nice pike.  The narrows on the very east end of the lake was another productive area.

West: Guests claimed I needed to change my map marking.  Most fish were just holding about 100 yards from all my marked hot spots.  Smaller baits were the key to boating finnicky fish last week.  However, fish the past two days have changed there feeding, increasing their aggressiveness. Chatting with the Sellner party this morning I learned that several large fish are holding on the rock just in front of camp.  I always say to give it a couple of casts every morning and evening, you will be surprised with the results.    

Favourable: Mud flats, mud flats, and mud flats are where the fish are holding.  Pike alley and Bear Creek are a couple areas that are consistently producing.  Johnson silver minnows with white trailers are top lures thus far.  Lemonade is cranking out the numbers as usual.  I truly think every spot in the lake holds fish this time of year. The Severn out flow on the west end of Favourable is holding massive amounts of fish.  Trolling 5ft diving crankbaits is a great way to locate the schools in that expansive area.

Hot lures:
Pike- Johnson silver minnow, small silver rattle trap, Hardnose swim shad, Rapala Original F18
Walleye-Jig with Gulp twister, Hot N Tot

Attached photo is of a dandy 28 inch walleye boated and released at West Lake.

Good luck on the water everyone.
Big Hook Wilderness Camps

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