Friday, June 17, 2011

Walleye, walleye everywhere

Normally I like to post my blogs Sunday morning after I have had a chance to converse with the guests on Saturday.  This way I am informed how the fishing on individual lakes progressed and fared for the week. However, this up and coming week I'll be stationed at Favourable Lake, which is about 55 miles from my laptop.  I figured I'd better give a quick update on the fishing throughout the Opasquia Provincial Park and Big Hook Wilderness Camps.

The weather included copious amounts of sun and heat the past week.  A couple of days brought howling winds from the south with the warm weather.  The water temperatures have skyrocketed into the 70's on the surface.  The water does cool rather quickly just a couple of feet down.  Forecasts show the warm weather will continue with a possibility of rain this up and coming Sunday and Monday.  

We are in dire need of rain here in the North country.  Water levels have dropped about 10 inches in 5 days.  If rain doesn't fall soon, fire bans could be placed upon NW Ontario. It is amazing how quickly the landscape here dries out when hot weather arrives.  Be careful when having shore lunches and fires.  Make sure the fire is completely extinguished.  

Unfortunately I can't list all the lakes and hot spots this blog because I haven't had the chance to speak with everyone.  Here is what I know:
-walleye are everywhere, from 2 ft-12ft of water.  Guests are having best luck on mud flats in shallow bays throwing crank baits (blue and silver in particular), tossing light jigs 1/4 oz (white and pumpkinseed) above the mud has been effective.  Central has boated and released 20+ walleye between 24-28 inches.  
- pike have been huddled right with the walleye.  Here at Central, guests had multiple pike smash walleye boat side.  Spinnerbaits are great lures to work through the shallows for pike, along with buck tails and larger floating crankbaits. 
-rapids and quick moving water have been just absolutely dominant.  Bait fish are back in the fast moving current with larger predators hot on their tails.  The fish won't remain in the current for too long, once the water temperatures get too high, fish will sink to cooler water.  
-as long as the weather stays will the fishing.  Fish love weather stability.  Abrupt changes in the weather changes feed habits and water temperatures.  

Hopefully I'll have some great news to reports in the up and coming days from Favourable Lake.  Until then, good luck on the water everyone.  
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