Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Fishin!

Last week brought great walleye fishing throughout the Opasquia Provincial Park.  Guests at every lake boated and released fish after fish after fish.  Most fish were reported in shallow mud flats.  Attached is an amazing quote from the guests last week at South Lake:

"Our group at south lake boated 2,229 walleye. Actual numbers counted on clickers. 170 northern by accident. We had 80 walleye over 20 inches. 13 walleye over 25 inches. 29 1/2 , 29 1/4, 29, 28 1/2 , 5- 26inchers, and 4 -25 inchers. The fishing was simply amazing. We were at South from June 11th through the 18th. Wish I was still there. What an amazing place."

Thanks guys! Glad to hear you had a good time. Check out the Big Hook facebook page for more photos on the amazing week from South Lake.  

Hot weather is dominating the week thus far with strong easterly winds.  It has been unusual wind for the past 5 days.  Water temperatures are rising back up into the 70's.  The water temperatures in the 70's means we have to.....GULP.....watch out for the mayflies.

Also weather related, it has been very very dry the past two weeks.  Lake levels are dropping quickly and the  forest is getting extremely dry.  Be extra careful when having a shore lunch and make sure your fires are extinguished.  

I was stationed at Favourable for the past 3 days.  Walleye fishing was fantastic, we had no problem boating 18-22" walleye every day along with a 24" and 26" on Monday.   Pike were a bit finnicky, the calm water and sunny skies didn't help our cause.  Many pike were following to the boat but strikes were difficult to achieve.  Walleye Point and Johnson's Island were the hands down best spots.  Lemonade Lake, especially the dock, was great for numbers.  We boated numerous large perch and quality walleye just bobber fishing off the dock with a worm and a hook.  

Good luck on the water everyone, 
Big Hook Wilderness Camps      

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