Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thar be monsters in the waters.

Central Lake rapids
Sunny skies and hot temperatures certainly did not deter any of the fish from biting last week.  Light SE winds and temperatures sailing into the high 80's dominated throughout the week.  Water temperatures skyrocketed and water levels plummeted.  Central Lake was recording temperatures up to 75 degrees in shallower bays while the level of the lake dropped almost 10 inches.  It has been almost three weeks now since we received any significant rain.  Now I know rain on a vacation isn't the most pleasant aspect, however any drops of rain will be welcomed.

Fish are still holding shallow, 6 feet or less, windblown shorelines.  Both species are beginning to migrate away from rapids to typical summer habitat.  With the ample amount of sunshine, weed beds are springing to life and holding toothy pike.  All camps I chatted with had huge smiles and plenty of fish stories to tell.
Excellent fishing was reported around the "Bottleneck" NE of camp.  Perch Bay, was holding numerous large pike prowling for...well perch.  Moose Creek held several large fish, however fish were holding further out from the creek.  Walleye were reported "everywhere."

A Canadian 40" pike released on Central
The south rapids was holding numerous large walleye between 23-26 inches. Trolling shallow diving cranks along wind blown mudflats was effective for large walleye, Husker rock is a great example.  Pike were holding around the Stop and Go Jug.  The west portage started to produce large pike.
The Mroz party boated and released 28 pike over 30" and several over 40". Cocos now leads all Big Hook outposts with the largest pike of 45.5".  The doctor spoon was the hot lure for the week.  The lower water is allowing motorists easier navigation through the rapids.
Numerous reefs east of camp were holding quality walleye between 22-26".  Trolling Walleye Point was probably the most effective fishing technique all week.  Johnson's Island held numerous walleye and large pike.  The weed growth behind Johnson's Island is excellent and harboring numerous fish.  A highlight of the week was a huge pike hammering a fellow 26" northern.  Guests estimated the monster to be in the 45-47" range, unfortunately the monster finally released the smaller pike right when the net was placed in the water.
As usual numerous large walleye were reported, topping out at 29.5".  A large 44" pike was boated and released while jigging for walleye.  Fish were still holding 12 ft or shallower in muddy areas.  As the year progresses fish will transition to rocky structure versus the mudflats.
200 fish per boat was the highlight for the week.  Between the three boats, guests reported having 6 fish on at the same time.  Walleye were holding on shallow rock reefs and mudflats.  According to the guests, every lure was a hot lure.
A week of awesome weather led to many fish boated and released.  The highlights were a 42.5", 41" and numerous fish over 30" for pike.  For walleye a 28.5" was the top fish with several over 25".  Wind blown bays in the Fish Bowl were hot.
Hot lures:
Pike: Doctor Spoon, Spinner Baits (black with silver blade),  bucktails
Walleye: Jig/gulp, Little Ripper Reef Runner (fire tiger), Hot N Tot (pink)

Good luck on the water everyone.
Big Hook Wilderness Camps

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